Abians, Please Vote Today!

Abians, Please Vote Today!

When the elders of Abia State, the State Council, traditional rulers, religious rulers and my fellow Abians bestowed on me the Abian of the Year, living out of our state, it was a special moment. Today Is another day to build those structures to make Abia greater. I ask you to make time despite anything  to vote.

We’re the God’s Own State and we’re God’s Own People. And because of those, Abia will rise to the mountaintop. #vote for progress, development and advancement of God’s own people.

If you have read Pita Nwana’s Omenuko and studied the history of the Arochukwu people, you would have understood one thing: Abia people pioneered modern trade and commerce in the Igbo Nation. The Arochukwu people were unrivaled in discovering new markets – and unlocking opportunities therein.

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As at 1901, Aba was so important and powerful that the British put a military post there, to keep tab of the wealth which was being created. Aba was industry;  Aba was commerce; Aba was opportunity. Young men left villages and Aba made them. We can return back to that greatness. #Vote for great leaders today.

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