Acer beTouch E140 Review – An Affordable Android Phone From Acer

The beTouch E140 is a compact and affordable Android handset from Acer that makes use of Android Froyo (2.2). Froyo has just been superseded by Android 2.3 Gingerbread with the release of the Samsung Nexus S, but the beTouch E140 still features a more recent version of Android than even the highly acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S.



Compared with many other smartphones running on Android Froyo the beTouch E140 has some scaled down hardware features. It features a 600MHz processor and 256MB RAM, and a 2.8″ resistive TFT touchscreen with 256k colours. The beTouch E140 offers a screen resolution of 240 x 320, which is low compared to other Android phones, but still exceptionally sharp considering the size of the screen.



Considering the low cost of the handset it is pleasing to see that Acer have included 3G and Wi-Fi, which are usually the first two features to be dropped when reducing manufacturing costs. Bluetooth is also available with A2DP support for wireless headphones, and a microUSB slot is present for the phone charger and connecting to a home computer to transfer content. The beTouch E140 comes with 512MB of storage as standard but does support 32GB worth of microSD cards so you can have plenty of space for music and video.



Like all Android phones the beTouch E140 features excellent multimedia support with all the top music and video formats being supported. There is also an FM radio with RDS support as an alternative means of listening to music.



The beTouch E140 has excellent social networking integration providing you with quick access to Twitter and Facebook, and also supports threaded viewing for SMS messages. MMS messages are also supported on the beTouch E140, and with push email support you can keep up to date with your email contacts without manually checking an external server. Instant messaging is supported on the beTouch E140 for the likes of Google Talk.

The camera on the beTouch E140 is fairly standard with 3.15 megapixels and standard video recording and a number of additional software features.

The Acer beTouch E140 offers a great set of features for its price and is one of the cheapest Froyo phones available at present. Unlike many low to mid-range phones the beTouch E140 is still afforded the luxury of Wi-Fi and 3G making it an excellent affordable choice for web browsing and online usage.


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