Camera Phones Usage On The Rise As They Substitute Standalone Digital Cameras

Camera phones have become a popular alternative to digital cameras and have become the camera in the pockets of most consumers. As smartphones and camera phones get better camera modules, the photo experience will improve. The added advantage of being the most commonly carried camera by consumers today means that the camera phone is becoming a frequently used camera, although this does not necessarily translate into it being the camera that captures the most photos. Nevertheless, InfoTrends research shows that camera phone owners are capturing a greater number of images on their phone year-on-year and, as a result, they are saving, sharing, and printing more of these photos. Although there are some people that still use professional cameras for taking better pictures or a best 360 camera 2017 for panoramic pictures, and the phone cameras just for casual pictures on the go.


Around 41% of Western European respondents who own a phone with a camera use their mobile phone to take photos at least once a week. Spanish respondents use their mobile phones more frequently than other surveyed countries. Around 46% of Spanish mobile phone owners use their camera for taking pictures at least once a week, with 14% using their mobile phone for photo taking almost every day (compared to 9% of Western Europeans).


When comparing the results from our 2010 survey to this year’s, there is a slight increase in the frequency in which respondents use their mobile phones for taking photos. The percentage of respondents that use their camera phone for taking photos at least one a week increased from 35% in 2010 to 39% in 2011. On the other hand, the percentage of respondents that never use their mobile phone for taking photos has remained stable.


InfoTrends’ Camera Phones: 2011 European Digital Photography Survey examines the number of photos taken using a camera phone and the percentage of these that are saved, shared, and printed. This report also considers the challenges and opportunities for players in the photo market.

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