Acer Iconia Tab A100 Review – The 7″ Portable Android Dual Core Tegra 2 Processor Tablet

The Acer Iconia Tab is an excellent high powered Android tablet from Acer that includes a lot of processing power while at the same time coming in the more portable mid-sized range of 7″ devices. The Iconia Tab comes with Google Android Honeycomb which is the first version of the popular OS to have been designed for tablet use in particular. While this introduces many great tablet-centric features Acer have also complemented it with their own interface.


This interface provides excellent integration for social networks like Facebook and Twitter with great access to both guaranteed at virtually all times through the 3G and Wi-Fi connections available. It should be noted that, unlike many tablets available on the market, the Iconia Tab A100 does not come with GSM support. This means that it cannot be used to make standard phone calls or send and receive SMS messages.


You can still make VoIP phone calls through online services such as Skype and the Iconia Smart comes with excellent support for other forms of messaging such as email. As an Android device the Iconia Tab comes with particularly great support for Gmail, and instant messaging services such as Google Talk can also be put to good use with this tablet.


The great connectivity on board makes the Iconia Tab an ideal device for all forms of web browsing. The HTML browser comes with excellent support including Adobe Flash and YouTube support, allowing you to enjoy the best of the web. The 7″ size of the screen is also comfortable and spacious enough to enjoy web pages in all their glory as well as enjoying the many other features on board.


The 7″ LCD screen offers a great degree of quality with a high colour depth and sharp 1024 x 600 resolution. It is also capacitive so that you can make use of multitouch gestures. The screen is great for all forms of visual entertainment including the many games that are available for the Iconia Tab and the many more available through Android Market, and also of course for enjoying video content.


The media player on the Iconia Tab comes with excellent support for video as well as music, with online video content being supported through YouTube and other video websites. The tablet comes with 8GB of internal storage for multimedia and other content with a further 32GB available with microSD cards. An HDMI port is also included so that you can stream video content from the tablet onto your home TV.


The Iconia Tab features a lot of speed with a dual core Tegra 2 processor, two excellent cameras (5 megapixel rear facing with LED flash, and 2 MP front facing for video calls), as well as excellent entertainment and online features. The tablet also features a 3 axis gyro sensor providing you with a novel way of controlling the device.


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