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Acer Liquid Mini Review – The Portable Phone You Have Wanted

Following in the footsteps of many of the big phone manufacturers such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson, it seems that Acer is keen to release more pocketable versions of its popular handsets. The Acer Liquid was released at the end of 2009 and has been one of the company´s most popular phones, with a range of spin-offs having since been released such as the Liquid E and Liquid Metal. Compared to some of the mammoth touchscreens that are starting to emerge it could be pondered whether Acer really needed to make a mini version of the Liquid in the first place, seeing as the original handset came with what would now be considered as a smaller than average body.


There are however many people who would love to own a touchscreen phone but consider what is on offer to be a bit too big for everyday use. The Liquid Mini is only marginally smaller than the original and on paper there seems to be little difference in size. However, comparing the two handsets side by side you can see how even this slight reduction in dimensions can have a huge effect on portability.


The Liquid Mini is a mini version of the original Liquid, as the name would suggest, and as such it comes with pretty much the same hardware features. These were fairly top of the line when the Liquid was released back in 2009 but today would be considered a bit more standard within the touchscreen market. This is not a criticism as the Liquid Mini comes with an excellent camera, plenty of storage space and excellent connectivity options.

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In the software department the Liquid Mini fortunately does not come with the original´s 1.6 version of Google Android but comes with a more contemporary 2.2 Froyo edition. Coupled with the Acer UI this offers excellent social networking integration for Facebook and Twitter as well as YouTube and Picasa integration. There is email and instant messaging support as well as threaded viewing for SMS messages on offer, all of which make the Liquid Mini a nice little pocketable messaging phone.


The Liquid Mini is a perfect phone for messaging, general web browsing and entertainment and for its price it offers great value for money. The phone will certainly appeal to those who want to enjoy a touchscreen handset but without carrying an oversized brick in their pocket or bag.


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