Actis – A Private Equity Firm Can Fund You. Get The Right Idea

In case your business has matured to a great level, Actis is there in Lagos to fund it. It is one of the backers of Pagatech (the m-payment company). But you must be very big for them to give you time. But they are there. They have the capital – you need to come with the idea. It was named African Private Equity Firm of the Year for the fourth year in a row, and Latin American Private Equity Firm of the Year for the first time, by Private Equity International (‘PEI’) magazine.


The positive power of capital

Actis is a leading private equity investor in emerging markets and has been investing exclusively in these markets for nearly 60 years. We have raised over US$7.3 billion funds to date and have over 100 investment professionals in 9 offices throughout Africa, China, Latin America, South and South East Asia. In the last ten years, we have invested US$3.1billion in businesses in the emerging markets.


Actis is committed to promoting the sustainable growth of the private sector in the emerging markets. Our aim is to ensure that the capital we raise and manage makes a lasting, tangible and positive difference in the countries in which we operate by creating opportunity for the companies in which we invest as well as their stakeholders.

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