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With Active Volcano In Greater Washington DC – It Is Time To Relocate The U.S. Capital

At Washington’s National Cathedral, spokesman Richard Weinberg said three 5- to 8-foot pinnacles had broken from the central tower. He said stone masons and engineers would assess the damage, which also included other pieces that broke and fell on the surrounding lawn, reports CNN. The biggest earthquake in history hit the Greater Washington D.C. this week.

There is another key problem beyond the damages, Washington houses the most important person in U.S. – The President. Will they like to allow the family to live in an active volcanic region? Tekedia thinks No. So, this could be the moment to start shopping for a new federal capital. The President must not depend on seismic data to predict when earthquakes are about to happen and then take off.

The quake was shallow — just 3.7 miles deep — and located 88 miles southwest of Washington near the town of Mineral, Virginia. The magnitude was initially reported as 5.8, then revised to 5.9, and then revised again back to 5.8.

Science does fail as in this last one many were taken unawares. U.S.  needs to act. Despite all the debts, they may need to invest in a massive project. You cannot allow your leader to sleep on top of a volcano.  Our suggestion? Alabama.

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