Google Nexus Prime Leaked – Due In October And Runs Android 4 ‘Ice-Cream Sandwich’

From BGR, This new report from Electronic Times reaffirms several specs we had reported earlier, such as the device’s 720p Super AMOLED HD display, and it narrows our fall release time frame to October. The report also claims that the Prime will be powered by a 1.5GHz processor, jibing with our earlier report stating the device would employ an OMAP4460 chipset. The site also notes that the Prime’s display will include a 4.5-inch panel with a PenTile layout.


It is now a battle between Google and Apple. These are the only two firms in the mobile smartphone competition.  Apple has planned to roll out iPhone 5 in October. Google wants to crowd the space so that it does not get the usual Apple-size publicity. It will release the Nexus 3 which is codenamed Nexus Prime and is ideally the 3rd generation of the Google Nexus family. It will also get the Android 4 ready.


The good stuff is that Nexus Prime is for real. We got a gift of the old Nexus at TED conference last year as a gift. It was a nice device. It is going to run on Android 4 ‘Ice-Cream Sandwich’ which is a successor to the highly successful Android 3 or HoneyComb. The following are the key features of Android 4:

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  • Android camera app revamped
  • Facial recognition technology better. Think of what Facebook does these days when you post a photo, it knows you even before you write anything
  • Provision of resolution-agnostic experience. Good for all the guys that write codes as streamlining will be more effective.


This competition is just starting as mobility business is still very young. We do not know who is going to rule this market. But one thing is sure – there are going to be smaller choices because Blackberry, HP and others are being pushed out of the circle. It is evolving to become Android and iOS world.

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