Fasmicro Apps Store Makes Wikipedia Entry On Distribution Platforms For Mobile Devices

This list of digital distribution platforms for mobile devices includes digital distribution platforms that are intended to provide mobile software to mobile devices, according to Wikipedia. Fasmicro apps store is included in the 3rd party list which we have  provided below for the section that noted Fasmicro Apps Store.  It is this store, we guess, and certainly not our store in the Google Android Market. For the complete entry, please click here.


Also, anyone that knows how to put entry in Wikipedia could help us write about Fasmicro.  We are a leading embedded systems provider with apps capability in Africa. The space is reserved here by Wikipedia for us. By Wikipedia policy, we cannot write about ourselves and  we sincerely solicit support for someone that likes Fasmicro to complete that page with information from our site.


SlideME April 2008 Live SlideME 8,370
(March 31, 2011)
Unknown Unknown Android[dev link 1] ?95% Free Android SDK
SmartAppFinder October 2010 Live SmartAppFinder 5,000
(August 2011)
Unknown Unknown Android 70% Free Android SDK
Fasmicro Store June 2011 Live Fasmicro 2,118
(July 15, 2011)
Yes Unknown Android 100% Free Android SDK
Nduoa Market May 2010 Live Ndoo Inc. 9,000
(March 31, 2011)
Unknown Unknown Android[dev link 1] 70% Free Android SDK

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