Afribiz – Making Business Happen In Africa. May Assist In Your Startup

Afribiz makes business happen in Africa by providing platforms for entrepreneurs, SMEs, non-institutional investors, and professionals to be successful in their ventures related to Africa.


Afribiz, a brand of Conceptualee, Inc., focuses on catalyzing and growing trade, information, business, technology and innovation, and capital flows between Africa and other global markets, both developed and emerging. Afribiz products and services are divided into six areas – media and broadcasting, publications, projects, promotion and public relations, platform development, and professional services.


The Afribiz Media division includes several major platforms. First, serves as the online portal for our activities, including information, intelligence, research, media and broadcasting, services, and the gateway to our business ecosystem situated in Africa and around the globe. Second, and focus on producing radio and tv shows, both online and for syndicated broadcast.


And, focuses on producing premium paid content for those serious about doing business and investment in Africa. Afribiz Media is starting production on the AfriStock interview series, which highlights and educates about the capital markets in Africa and launches as part of the 2011 African Stock Investment Competition (ASIC).


You may need to see if this firm can help in your startup plan.

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