African Impact Initiative Canada To Use Medcera On Its Healthcare Projects Across Africa

African Impact Initiative Canada To Use Medcera On Its Healthcare Projects Across Africa

August 22, 2019 (Lagos, Nigeria) – African Impact Initiative (, a non-profit organization founded by Africans in Toronto, Canada, has entered into a partnership to use Medcera  ( to anchor the delivery of healthcare services it offers across Africa.  African Impact Initiative delivers healthcare innovation in rural communities by working with local healthcare professionals to provide basic care to citizens. Their recent project in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, focused on improving antenatal care, family planning, hypertension management, stress management, among others.

Medcera is a web-based EHR (electronic health record) system with patient portal that supports clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, health insurers, labs, and imaging centers across Africa. It offers physicians and medical professionals with practice management technology that includes charting, scheduling, e-prescribing, medical billing, and more. With Medcera, a patient manages his or her healthcare records from one single location irrespective of location. The following are core modules in Medcera:

Medcera Fusion: web-based electronic health record (EHR) software for physicians and medical professionals.

Medcera Connect: non-EHR designed for non-physicians structured for labs, imaging centers, pharmacies, dentist practices, etc making it possible for these entities to connect with Medcera Fusion.

Medcera Patient: Personal health record (PHR) system that gives patients access to their prescriptions, diagnoses and test results. Consumers can search physicians by location and specialty, and request an appointment online.

Medcera Insights: An analytic AI tool based on Medcera Fusion dataset. Real-time data provides perspective on clinical trends and helps with population health management and clinical decision support.

African Impact Initiative will use Medcera in its activities across Africa to improve healthcare delivery efficiency, reliability and positive outcome for patients.

The Founder of African Impact Initiative, Efosa KC Obano, said on this partnership, “Our team is very excited about working with Medcera to provide EHR solutions at no cost, to hospitals that can’t afford this normally. We’ll be starting off with the Cottage Community Hospital in the coming weeks. There are so many other hospitals/communities that need this across Africa, and it aligns with our mission of impacting our African community positively.”

Commenting, Medcera General Manager, Timothy Egwemi said, “We are excited on the promise of working with African Impact Initiative. We are a very innovative company with a unique technology. We remain the only EHR in the world that has harmonized patient records without risks to privacy and security. With Medcera, a patient’s health record is delocalized which means irrespective of his or her current location, care will always be delivered by healthcare professionals having access to the current pertinent health data. With AII, we are confident that we will touch more lives as our solution serves doctors, labs, imaging centers, pharmacies and indeed all key players in the healthcare sector”.

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Medcera is a cloud-based EHR with nodes for all critical players in the healthcare sector. For more, click

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