AfritHUB – Enabling ICT Solutions In Africa. They Have Done Pretty Well

Established in 2004,  AfriHUB Nigeria provides human capacity-building technologies, including satellite and wireless Internet access, telephony and US instructor-led technical training to universities and polytechnics throughout Nigeria, as well as to the country’s businesses and government sectors. This goal received a lifeline with the opening of its first two ICT Centres on Nigerian campuses in 2004.


Across some university campuses, one can see the influence of AfriHUB. For instance, in the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Owerri, one can see the huge AfriHUB structure. They are delivering services under solid world calss infrastructure.

Mission and Action Plan
Our mission is to provide the critical combination of infrastructure, services and training, along with American-style management and service quality, required to unleash the power of Information and Communications Technologies (“ICT”) in Nigeria and other African countries for human capacity building and economic empowerment.


Infrastructure: AfriHUB is building state-of-the-art ICT Centres at universities and polytechnics throughout Nigeria , each with its own backup power, robust C-band satellite connectivity to the Internet, mega-cyber centre, calling centre, classrooms for technical training and wireless extensions for campus-wide “hot-spots”.

Services: AfriHUB’s ICT Centres offer a full range of affordable, pre-paid services, including super-fast, always-on Internet access, VoIP telephony and support services for students and businesses including printing, photocopying and facsimile. Training: AfriHUB offers a unique set of blended training solutions, tailored to meet the needs of every kind of computer user – from beginners to students and professionals looking for advanced career tracks. AfriHUB’s courses are taught by highly qualified instructors from the USA , with the aid of computer-equipped classrooms and computer labs for hands-on study support between classes.

AfriHUB’s “systems approach” -combining infrastructure, services and training-is based on years of experience in designing, implementing and operating telecommunications and IT-related projects in more than 15 African countries.

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