Agtech Opportunity to Relocate to Switzerland with CHF 30,000

Agtech Opportunity to Relocate to Switzerland with CHF 30,000

Zenvus was invited to apply for this – apply to move to Switzerland. We do get a lot of it. Of course, no one is moving it out of Nigeria. Buy hey, there may be people interested to get CHF 30,000 and move to Switzerland. It is mainly for companies in the agriculture technology, agriculture, food and biomass categories.

Are you a competitive company or start-up in the food, agriculture or biomass sector? Have a look at our 2 programs and choose your preferred option!

If you are you looking to set up business in Switzerland, then the Relocation Program is for you! Winners receive a cash prize of CHF 30 000, as well as access to free agricultural land, a new experimental greenhouse and state-of-the-art laboratories in Fribourg. Welcome to Switzerland!

If you are looking to expand your operations in Switzerland and strike up new partnerships with Swiss institutions and firms, then the Remote Collaboration Program is for you! The winners will enjoy access to an extensive network of professionals with the right contacts and first-rate inside knowledge of their respective industries. The prize also includes a one-week, all-expenses-paid exploratory trip to Switzerland. Swiss companies are lining up to work with you!

This is the link to apply. Deadline is May 31.

Agri & Co challenge is a call for projects initiated by the State of Fribourg, located in the heart of Switzerland. Aiming at fostering collaborations, creating new value chains and enabling innovative initiatives which will in turn contribute to a sustainable economic development, Agri & Co will support 15 promising projects, offering up to 500 000 Swiss francs in total alongside several other benefits. Companies from all over the world can submit their projects through one of our two programs; the “Relocation Program” or the “Remote Collaboration Program, which have been specifically developed to fulfill the needs of different company profiles and thus maximize the innovation and collaboration potential.

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    I just returned from Switzerland from an official trip.
    I am interested provided this is coming from you.
    Thanks so much for this.


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