Ahead on 2023 – The Bola Tinubu and David Umahi Presidential Ticket

Ahead on 2023 – The Bola Tinubu and David Umahi Presidential Ticket

By this time in 2022, APC will select Bola Tinubu as the presidential flagbearer of the party for Election 2023. Mr. Tinubu will select a retiring governor from the southeast as his running mate. The main goal is to quench any agitation that 2023 will be the turn for southeast.

The present governor of Ebonyi state will likely be his running mate. Engr David Umahi will win with PDP in 2019 but will decamp to APC shortly. His “friendship” comment on President Buhari was not a lapse.

Largely, the best time to decamp as a governor is during the second term as you may not have to face any regional election. Decamping will be very popular because in my model, I expect Buhari to win in 2019 if he continues to show physical energy as he has recently demonstrated.

Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State

Then, once he wins, the recent effervescence in PDP with all the migration from APC to PDP will fade. These men did not migrate because of any core principle; they moved because they want to perpetuate their permanent interests: stay in power.

A PDP defeat in 2019 will cause massive dislocation in southeast with many term-limited governors. Some of those governors would not have much in play as federal power could sway some to decamp to APC.

2023 will be a consequential election in Nigerian history; 2019 is already history. With 5 months to go, PDP has not articulated any message. By this time last four years, we knew APC was coming for CHANGE. PDP needs to find a message fast to even have a decent outing.

But in 2023 – Tinubu/Umahi will be formidable.


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One thought on “Ahead on 2023 – The Bola Tinubu and David Umahi Presidential Ticket

  1. Unfortunately,nigerian voters don’t base their voting or choice of leaders on noble ideal of vision,experience,education/training,integrity,mission and cerebral endowment and ability.
    Rather on mundane issues of religion and ethnicity.
    This government has has been a woeful failure and loosing popularity fast.
    If you followed the osun election and shameful rigging and show of force by APC you’ll shudder.
    APC’s message has been shown to be hollow and meaningless,and hence,they’re using state apparatchiks of coersion,force to rig election.
    Basically,north central/middle birth,SS,WE and some elements from core north are disenchanted with this government already.
    So,if PDP can get a popular candidate from the NW,buhari’s home base who will challenge him for votes very well there,APC is sure to lose,but,they’ll definitely try to rig the election as they’ve done in osun.
    Get yourself acquainted with the reports on osun rerun election by the foreign/local election observers,nigeria bar association and foreign missions.
    Intact,NBAindicted police,INEC of comprise by APC.
    Foreign and local observers called the election charade,shameful.
    But,nigerians who want free&fair elections will start by demonstrating and civil action for president buhari to remove her niece,whom he appointed illegally as INEC director in charge of operations&ICT,buhari can do better than what we have now.
    APC cannot push nigeria into the position of having the largest pool of poor people with still a decent price for our crude oil and little or no niger-delta militant disturbance and yet wants to come back.
    Nigerians will want anything,other than APCas long as they see good candidates from buhari’s zone.
    And we check buhari’s tendency to rig.


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