All Hail The King – Elon Musk’s Rise of Electrons

All Hail The King – Elon Musk’s Rise of Electrons

For years, the automakers told the world that making an all-electric vehicle was hopeless and impossible. We accepted it. Then Toyota crawled with a hybrid (electric + petrol). That was a quintessential moment that electrons, not just hydrocarbons, would move cars. But a new era began with the best in his generation – Elon Musk – when he took over, and redesigned the automobile industry. Today, Tesla is worth more than GM and Ford combined. Samuel Nwite goes deeper in this piece on how it all began, and why the future belongs to electrons, and not hydrocarbons, when it comes to moving people from one spot to another.  Tesla is eclipsing competitors by moving beyond customer needs and expectations to customer perceptions. In the mini MBA which begins Feb 10 (register here), participants will read a flash case on Tesla.


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One thought on “All Hail The King – Elon Musk’s Rise of Electrons

  1. When next people tell you it cannot be done, just ask them whether they have tried it, if they say yes, ask them what exactly did they try; from there you will figure out if they know a thing.

    From politics to sports, from science to technology, history has shown that most things declared ‘impossible’ was because some ‘smart’ dumb people have always felt that human ingenuity and capabilities begin and end with them; so it’s their prerogative to tell the rest of mankind where the line between possibilities and impossibilties should be drawn.

    In this life, what you believe is your own truth…


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