All Service Providers In Africa Should Be Giving Unlimited Data Plans

All Service Providers In Africa Should Be Giving Unlimited Data Plans

MTN and Airtel data plans are the last thing I would ever subscribe to.

Here’s my reason before you crucify me – it barely last three days. You can imagine, buying a data bundle worth 2000 naira and you can’t even use it for a week.

It makes me wonder – what exactly is the cost of data per kilobytes?

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Being a writer, I leave my Internet connection on all day. Sometimes, I don’t even stay online browsing. Yet, I tend to pay more. I use Glo to browse at the moment and I can say, it’s a bit fair.

Airtel is worse than MTN. I bought a data bundle worth 2000 naira and it got exhausted in two days. Like seriously, I was in disbelief when I got a notification that my data had expired.

What exactly are we benefiting from these service providers?

I have a suggestion that could definitely work out. And that is – our service providers (MTN, 9Mobile, Glo and Airtel) should find a means to subsidize data plan.

Perhaps, give us unlimited data plan with a fee attached to it every month. This simply means – each network provider can charge, let’s say 5000 naira per month for unlimited access to the Internet.

Better still, they can offer two packages – one for mobile browsing and the other for those that use the computer to surf the net. Meaning if I want to browse on my system, I will subscribe for the system bundle and vice versa. Instead of offering a certain amount of money for different data bundle.

This idea is similar to DSTV monthly charges or BlackBerry subscription data plan. One of the reasons I miss BlackBerry. I’m very sure people do miss BlackBerry too.

If the network providers truly care about connecting people and not just about the profit, they should give their subscribers unlimited data bundle with a certain fee attached to it.

Nigerian government can also help by providing a wifi connection. Just like the PHCN monthly bills, we all can be paying that. And whosoever doesn’t pay, will be disconnected. It’s very simple.

The future of work environment is digital and it has started. However, the only barrier we Africans have to explore the digital space is the cost of the data plan.

Are our service providers ready to do this for us?

I don’t know but I am very confident that this idea is a win-win for both parties (service providers and users). Let’s hope that this article will reach all the decision-makers in these companies.

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One thought on “All Service Providers In Africa Should Be Giving Unlimited Data Plans

  1. I have been wondering why our government still panders this form of service that’s believes transforming 3g to 4g is a better upgrade of we still have to shed more cash for it.

    I am tired of the current billing system.
    I do agree with your idea to pay monthly regardless of how we use it.


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