Don’t Be A Mario Balotelli

Don’t Be A Mario Balotelli

You may have the right tools in the right environment and still fail. It’s not about having the right tools but knowing how to use it.

Yes, one minute the whole world is hailing and calling you sweet names. Never let it get into your head. The moment you rest on your laurels, you are doomed. Don’t be a Mario Balotelli.

Yes, I mean Mario Balotelli also known as Super Mario. He started his career well. He even won the Golden Boy trophy in 2010 in his early years. But the hype around Mario Balotelli has faded. He’s not even playing for a top team. No one considers him as a top player anymore. The press reporters are not even talking about him.

He currently plies his trade at Brescia, Italy. A team that’s not in the champions league or challenging for titles. Super Mario is not even in the Italian national team. That sums up his career.

Mario Balotelli had the best opportunities in his career. He played for great teams like Inter Milan, Manchester City, A.C Milan, and Liverpool. In the end, he messed up everything. His attitude was his problem. Super Mario was not focused on football, his whole career was full of controversies.

Every manager started ignoring him. His former manager, Jose Mourinho, described him as an unmanageable player.

Mario is a good striker, no doubt, but no manager is ready to work with his immature and unprofessional acts. No manager wants to be sitting in front of the press, defending an adult that’s expected to behave like a professional.

Mario Balotelli faded away. The big star he promised his fans to be never worked out. He had numerous opportunities to develop his wonderful talent and become a star.

Considering his career, he’s a bad example for any upcoming professional. No one is indispensable. Don’t just live in the moment, use it to create a legacy. The legacy will carry you forever.

Don’t be a Mario Balotelli!!!

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