Alpha Mead to Co-Create Ideas for Talents Upgrade in Nigerian FM Industry

Alpha Mead to Co-Create Ideas for Talents Upgrade in Nigerian FM Industry

The Management of Alpha Mead Group, a Total Real Estate Solutions company, has reiterated its commitment towards skills and knowledge development in the Nigerian Facilities Management industry. Information from the company shows that the first Facilities Management Talents Market Outlook session is being organised in this regard to generate needed insights for planning and development of appropriate solutions for the reskilling and upskilling professionals in the industry.

The session, which will be held on February 13, 2020 “seeks to help FM Team Leads, HR professionals and decision makers situate the role of facilities management in their corporate existence and share perspectives on how to attract, motivate and retain talents,” the post on the official professional networking page of the company reads.

Olusesan Ogunyooye


In an exclusive interview with Olusesan Ogunyooye, Head of Marketing and Communications, it is obvious that the session, which is expected to have a number of captains in various industries where FM roles have become imperative for the operational effectiveness and efficiency in the last two decades, will be used to appraise the current human capacity as well as the capabilities required to drive the relevance of the industry in the face of its place in business performance.

“It seeks to improve skill and Development in the market because it seeks to bring together FM leads and HR professionals (who manage FM professionals in organizations) to identify the knowledge gap and co-create ideas to bridge the knowledge gap,” he said.

Infoprations had earlier analysed problems associated with talents retainership in the industry with the suggestions that players need to revisit their talent retention strategy. One of the strategic options proffered by the analysis is that the business goals must be aligned with TRS to ensure maximum return on investment and benefits to the employees.

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