Another Groupon Inspired Site, All4naija, Arrives In Nigeria To Challenge Dealdey and QluQlu

The Groupon business model seems very easy. The barrier to entry seems to be very small. Otherwise, why would people be entering with ease. Nigeria has just got its third major  crowd buying site. The name is All4naija. They will compete alongside  Dealdey and Qluqlu which are not necessarily established, but of course got into the game earlier. The sector is still for anyone to win as most of the these deals focus on Lagos  disproportionately.


If they could move this deal to the market women using SMS and phone, someone will have a big day.  Focusing on the internet users is good, but they need to expand to smartphones and SMS. That is where they need our parent company to help them develop apps or SMS based system.


These guys rock. Reading this document on their site tells you they have a business plan all set. Nice one. It communicates in the simplest simplicity what this business is all about.


Deals on a daily basis are our business. provides a platform through which you can enjoy the finest pleasures of life in Lagos particularly, then Nigeria at large, or as some will say, Naija.


We know that there are many attractions out there which you would like to partake in but because of the countless number of opportunities available to you, making a choice might be overwhelming!


What we do is that we bring you one of these attractions daily in the form of a special package deal with an incredible discount. We also bring fantastic exposure to businesses whose product or service we host. We believe in a win-win situation for merchants and subscribers and therefore go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction in all our deals.


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