Apps Cannot …Read. Read for Your Kids –Parents Group in Time Magazine Ad

You will like this. We just saw an ad in Time Magazine by a parents group stating bolding that Apps cannot read. Yes, those Apps must still have to be read and used. The point is that while they are great, they cannot read by themselves. In other words, parents must still find ways and teach and read for their kids and basically nurture them as much as they can.


If you have ever thought that smartphone or tablets will do your job, you are wrong. They cannot read to junior and you have to do it yourself. Yes Apps cannot read for junior. Why? It will not even know when junior is crying or sleeping or perhaps does not need reading. In that busy world, get them to read ‘ABCD…”


Another level is that if junior does not learn how to read, he/she may not even know how to use the Apps. So learning to read is very important.

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