The Most Advertised Nigerian Brand on Facebook – 9icefaces. The Budget Is Big


A question- who is it that is in Nigeria that has not seen 9icefaces ads in Facebook? Probably none because this company has a very big ad budget! So what do they really do?  It was not obvious without About Us. Getting any clue required signing up, and we gave up. But the fact is this, this Nigerian company is a success. Look at their numbers below:


Network Statistics:
152999 Activities
34597 Members
64805 Friendships


Our only recommendation is for the owner to add About Us or just a little what one will get from signing up. It is possibly a social connection site like Facebook or any of the variants. It looks very great. Yet, we need to know before putting that email. You can search for people there. Can you link with them immediately, afterwards? Q/A is important – might be there for those that signed up to the site though.


Finally, the sign-up page is very complex for a company that brands itself within Facebook. The owner can pay one small programmer in Lagos to get a Facebook plugin so that people can sign up with their Facebook. Afterall, all the ads live on Facebook and it is natural that that interface is there. If they cannot find any, he should get in touch with Fasmicro (parent company of Tekedia) via and the team will quickly get it for him in less than 24 hours, at the cheapest rate possible.


We sincerely congratulate 9icefaces for such a successful execution and hope this will continue to inspire more tech startups. The ads budget is surely working with those statistics.


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