When Startups Fail – What Happens. A Look Into Some .Gone

When Cuil failed, workers were not paid.


PC Magazine reported that on the morning of September 17, 2010 “employees were told about Cuil’s demise […] and the servers were taken offline five hours later.”Laid-off employees were told they would not be paid. The shutdown reportedly came after an acquisition agreement fell through earlier in the week.


Power.com went .gone few days ago, but is hanging around to sell the only important technology they have created all these years – registering power.com domain. Visit their site and they are auctioning it.


Of course, there are many social media sites that fail daily across Africa. Just type some old domain names and many are gone.


Why this post?  We received an email of someone asking us the merit of dropping out of school and starting a company. We said Hell No – complete your education. Forget about the wonders of Bill Gates, Mark of Facebook, Larry of Oracle; in Africa, it does not work. Education is still the path to prosperity and opportunities. Even those that dropped, there are hundreds that get messed up for one that succeeded.


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