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Four Areas Of The Special Column – Entrepreneurship, Startups, Strategy And Finance

We want to provide more information on the special column that is coming soon. This is largely the structure of the column and what you will expect. The areas and the goals are presented.

  • Entrepreneurship: To explore the environment for entrepreneurs across the African continent; sociocultural dynamics, political climate, economic reality. We will examine the factors that are necessary for building a more entrepreneurial society throughout the continent.
  • Startups:  To explore the start?up scene across the African continent. Also, to examine start?up activity that is driven by people of African descent living abroad. We will discuss the challenges faced by start?ups in general, with a special focus on problems peculiar to start?ups that are based in Africa. Topics will include;

1. Business Models

2. Business Plans
3. Product Development
4. Innovation
5. Case Studies
6. Others

  • Strategy: To discuss major conceptual developments in the areas of corporate and business strategy, and to apply those concepts to early and late?stage start?ups. Examples will be taken from around the world in order to highlight certain lessons on which I want to focus readers’ attention. Topics will include;

1. Corporate Strategy
2. Business Strategy
3. Game Theory
4. Co?opetition
5. Market entry
6. Marketing

  • Finance: To discuss topics in accounting and finance that the author believes are important for  entrepreneurial and start?up success.

This post was adapted from a document developed by Brian L. Aoaeh who will lead the special column.

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