As Tekedia Receives Velocity Mhagic N25 Million Prize, We Thank These Institutions and People

As Tekedia Receives Velocity Mhagic N25 Million Prize, We Thank These Institutions and People

Good People, as Tekedia Institute receives Velocity Mhagic N25 million Prize today, we want to recognize the following companies and people for supporting this largely one year vision (we are donating 100% of the prize to fund 430 students via scholarships). Five TV stations will cover the event.

David Onaolapo – offered dozens of scholarships to Tekedia Mini-MBA

Late Most Supreme Apostle Matthew Omodayo Owotuga Foundation – endowed a yearly scholarship fund for funding dozens of students. JB Omodayo-Owotuga, FCA, CFA coordinates for the family.  

Soulmate Industries – led by industrialist Sir Ndukwe OsoghoAjala; has sent dozens of staff in all editions.

Lily Hospitals – when 40 medical professionals and doctors joined, we celebrated a validation.  Thanks Dr. Austin Okogun who leads this institution. 

Reliance Infosystems –  When Olayemi Popoola, a technology legend veteran sent 40 staff, we knew we had a mission.

Infoprive – has sent staff to all editions of Tekedia Mini-MBA. Thanks CEO Adetokunbo Omotosho.

FarmKonnect – for sending dozens to Tekedia Mini-MBA

Fatima Ahmed & Family – for offering scholarships to dozens of  learners.

Axa Mansard – before the banks, etc started sending, this company made us believe. 

Corporate members: Tekedia has dozens of corporate members from across Africa and beyond. We thank you for the support. 

Scholarship Donors – there are dozens of you, many anonymous. We want to thank you so much.

Co-learners: you are the best, trusting us to co-share and co-learn with you. We understand the confidence when men like Emmanuel S Akintunde has prepaid 5 years ahead. I just checked dozens have paid for 3 years. We are truly thankful.

Our Faculty – we will make a separate post for THE BEST FACULTY in the world.


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