Become a neobank and offer banking services to your customers with Kladot

Become a neobank and offer banking services to your customers with Kladot

We launched this in Texas, USA, and within 3 weeks, we have more than 35,000 users. But Kladot does not just help you get a US, etc bank account, it can help your company become a bank itself. Yes, anywhere there is a digital platform, on the power of our APIs, you can offer banking services, irrespective of  your location and primary business domain.

When you integrate our APIs in your portal, your customers can have USD, Euro, GBP, etc bank accounts. Yes, in that ecommerce platform, those customers can have a foreign bank account to help their international business missions. In that freelance platform, we can make it possible for you to offer them banking services like remittance, wire transfer, virtual & physical USD cards, etc.

Become a bank with Kladot, the neobank that powers mini-neobanks. Ask for Kladot API here . Tekedia Capital funds new species of companies around the world; learn more here . 

Tekedia Mini-MBA (Sep 11 – Dec 2, 2023) has started; registration continues here

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Do you think we should have Tekedia Bank? Yes, right in your course dashboard, you can do banking, with APIs we have created via Kladot. Rethink banking of the future! Banking is important but we do not need to have banks as we do today. It must not be a standalone system, rather an embedded entity which can be fused into the line of your daily activities.

With Kladot, you can open a US bank account from Nigeria or anywhere in Africa.

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