Believe The Promise of Tomorrow

Believe The Promise of Tomorrow

As you close for the weekend to rejuvenate, I want to drop this word: BELIEVE. By believing, Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire bought everything on his path during the ruins in his nation. Nations rarely kaput, his father had told him years ago.

Yes, when Mexico was in the ruins of currency crises and inflation, he loaded on equities, securities, bonds, etc, and believed. Legendary Templeton, the investor of the century, did the same, decades earlier, as stock markets collapsed because of the second world war.

The fact is this: Nigeria would not disappear. The greatest business in Nigeria has not been started. I challenge young people to rise unto the promise of tomorrow.  Thou will find pasture, and will leave any miry clay because thou liveth in the best era to be a youth!


Believe. Believe. Believe. Great weekend ahead.


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One thought on “Believe The Promise of Tomorrow

  1. In this life, you see what you want to see, no one needs to persuade or convince you otherwise.

    Nigeria is not a living thing, it remains as it is, the good or bad depends on what you make of it.

    Anything you want, go for it!


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