Design Thinking Capstone Documentation Template Uploaded

Design Thinking Capstone Documentation Template Uploaded

We have uploaded the design thinking capstone documentation template for the Design Thinking & Innovation module in Tekedia Mini-MBA. Good luck designing and fixing market frictions through a human-centered innovation. It is our Week 1, if you use your company’s main friction, as the case, send the result to your supervisor, when you are done. 

We are overly confident that you would be appreciated. Last year, that gave a graduate a job as an assistant to a governor [he designed solutions for Anambra state] and many others to higher positions.

 Your CEO is looking for answers to the company’s business challenges and opportunities. We want you to design that FUTURE. With the 38 page document from our faculty and the Challenge Assignments, we welcome you to the rigorous system we have in Tekedia Institute.


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