Beyond Data Scientists, You Need Data Translators

Beyond Data Scientists, You Need Data Translators

Data is the new oil but refining that oil is going to be catalytic in any organization. Great organizations put efforts, after the refining to make sense, and take action based on the insights generated. So, beyond the data scientists, you may need Data Translators. Just as technology needs to be structured to help in meeting the corporate goals, you need someone with capacity to make sense of BOTH the data engineering process and the business objectives. A data refining process which is decoupled from the corporate goal adds no value. Likewise, it would be hard to achieve a corporate goal when no one can communicate it to the data refiners.

A data translator is a conduit between data scientists and executive decision-makers. They are specifically skilled at understanding the business needs of an organization and are data savvy enough to be able to talk tech and distil it to others in the organization in an easy-to-understand manner.

This professional must be someone who can “talk the talk” of both the executives and the data scientists. They are adept at extracting the business meaning and applications from the information they are provided by the data scientists. They not only respect the functions of the data scientists, but also understand the needs of decision-makers; therefore, successful data translators are typically respected by those entities in return.


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