$150 Billion-Jeff Bezos, We Need You In Africa

$150 Billion-Jeff Bezos, We Need You In Africa

The Founder and CEO of Amazon. Jeff Bezos, is worth $150 billion, notes Forbes (these numbers change as stock values move). This is a record accomplishment in the accumulation of wealth. But beyond these digits, Jeff Bezos is a builder. He has mastered the integration of the digital and physical worlds at a scale unprecedented in human history. Africa needs him, because if he comes with the same spirit, great things could happen. His AWS business is marginal in Africa; we need ecommerce as that would force him to look at enabling infrastructure.

Amazon investors, including CEO Jeff Bezos, should be in a festive mood, too.

Amazon’s  stock hit a new all-time high Monday. That means Bezos — the world’s wealthiest person — is now worth more than $150 billion, according to Forbes.

For perspective, Bezos is worth more than Microsoft  co-founder Bill Gates and Google co-founder Larry Page combined.

As we explore support from ICT utilities like Facebook and Google, I do think we need to find ways to get Bezos to show interest. He is among the few that can invest in hard infrastructure to unlock more values in the continent. Think of establishing a solid logistical system that will help in the economic integration of Africa. He has done it before and he can do it here. African Union should explore that opportunity with him.

In this video, I explain why Jeff can help in unlocking value in our logistics and transportation sectors which will help in deeper intra-African trade. Do not ask me why we can’t do it by ourselves? Good question, but we have not even started. So, if he shows interest, we need to try an alternative since what we have now is not working. It is so shameful that countries like Nigeria do not have functional postal systems thereby affecting the growth and development of the ecommerce sector

 Yes, it may not be a bad idea to ask Jeff to come. African Union will offer him tax benefits (as American cities do) for years. Call it Conglomerate Tax we need to pay Amazon to help develop our logistics/transportation sector.


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