The Nextier Poll And Blocking the Democracy Unbelievers In Nigerian Politics

The Nextier Poll And Blocking the Democracy Unbelievers In Nigerian Politics

I took time to block some people today on LinkedIn and gave them their rights to avoid reading me. I mean, if reading this village boy from Abia State confuses their lives, the only antidote I can offer is to prevent them from the pains. So, they are out of our space here – and I am sure they feel very great.

Since I published a non-classified poll that Obi was leading,  many people have written, accusing me of spreading Igbo propaganda. Nextier, which conducted this poll, presented it on many leading Nigerian televisions and most of the major newspapers carried it. Premium Times was my source as I linked in the post.

As I write, I do not know whether Nextier was founded by a guy in my village or from Atiku or Tinubu’s village. I only referenced a poll. I like to return fire for fire and I have done so very well.  The idea is that any person who likes this poll is an Igbo person – and Igbo people hate APC. Common on – my senator, House Rep, State Assembly are all APCs. In other words, in my Abia State village, all the elected officials are APC members!

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I think I am fair, balanced and factual when I write here. In the history of the Nigerian presidential elections since 1999, this is the first time South East Nigeria is excited about a candidate from that region. If Rochas or Ikpeazu is Obi, I can assure you that no person will care. If Obi excites them, what is wrong with it? Why must commenting on a national poll be tribalized? Why must an author’s name be the focus instead of his or her thesis? If you have a poll where Tinubu has won by 100% and Guardian and Premium Times have published it, share; I will run it. I do not break news; I only analyze broken news. That ensures smarter people have vetted and eliminated the noise before I come around!

As I have written, the best poll is the election. But before that happens, people should grow up. Among Obi, Atiku and Tinubu, only one will move into Aso Rock. Unless we are conditioned with civility, we will lose the nation. I am so thankful for the feature of blocking, whenever I see people distressed by my writing, I offer one medical treatment which has worked: I block them so that they can have peace. Of course, I want everyone here even as I treasure my Igbo heritage.

Debate me, challenge my thesis, question my data, etc, but do not be fixated with my name and my heritage. If your idea is superior, we adopt it. If you do not follow that model, you are a democracy unbeliever. In democracy, the best idea should win.

As I have written, the best poll is the election. Debate me, challenge my thesis, etc, but do not be fixated with my name and my heritage. I am an Igbo – and that is physics. If you read me that his name is Ndubuisi, you will have problems. But if you read him as Wazobia, you will enjoy this feed. I want 8 billion citizens of the world to follow me here and I am working on that!

Nigeria 2023: Nextier Poll Calls it for Obi, Ahead of Atiku and Tinubu


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One thought on “The Nextier Poll And Blocking the Democracy Unbelievers In Nigerian Politics

  1. So, you really take many creatures here seriously? When a prostitute starts arguing with a virgin on matters of chastity, then you know that we have a situation that needs to be quickly brought under control. In matters of reason and truth, one can quickly advertise his/her stupidity, because they are self-evident.

    Peter Obi is suddenly incompetent and nobody, because he is running for the office of president, the same office the likes of Obasanjo, Ya’adua, Jonathan and Buhari have all occupied, which of these folks schooled more, travelled more, was wealthier or more successful than Peter Obi before they became president? But Obi is somewhat insignificant and nobody, of course I don’t have time for nonsense.

    When you are allergic to reading or hearing unintelligent yammerings, you decide who to reply and what to pay attention to.

    We will all be all right.


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