Book Call Was Impressive – More Than 28 Chapters Accepted


Together with Dr. Nazrul Islam, we report that the book call for our new project at African Institution of Technology was successful. More than 28 chapters were accepted. We will be finalizing the work in coming days for the publisher.


Disruptive Technologies, Innovation and Global Redesign: Emerging Implications



In the last few years, most parts of the world have morphed into an electronically interdependent economic unit where a disruption in one marketplace affects the others. New technologies have emerged, transforming the ways we do business and, consequently, redesigning the world. Innovation in disruptive technologies pushes new and more agile firms to set new benchmarks, and forces established companies to incorporate evolving breakthroughs into their models or re-invent themselves to stay competitive.


Innovation thus remains a key driver in wealth creation, but the way it happens is changing as a result of new technologies, processes and tools. As social media networks advance, outsourcing ideas to the crowd has become common, while inter-company R&D that pools resources together is a new normal. From agriculture to print media, finance to mortgage and across sectors, industries, and disciplines, the world is being redesigned. The emerging implications are enormous—less energy for processing natural resources, less waste in processed raw materials—and these translate to positive effects on the environment. Yet, few research works exist about these developments, despite the exponential growth rate of new technologies with the potential to massively impact business and society.


Objective of the book

Accordingly, this project will assemble an edited collection of chapters on disruptive technologies, innovation, and the overall global redesign. The main objective of the book is to provide comprehensive evidence of research, case studies, practical and theoretical papers on the issues surrounding disruptive technologies, innovation, global redesign and their implications. The book will serve as a valuable resource on emerging and disruptive technologies, innovation and general global redesign.


For more, visit the publisher page.

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