Bookneto – A Nigerian Startup? What Does It Do – A Tool To Learn?

Bookneto – A Nigerian Startup? What Does It Do – A Tool To Learn?

We have wanted to bring Bookneto to you, but have struggled to know what they do and the impacts. This is what they have on their About page

We built Bookneto so that students, like ourselves, can drive their own learning by interacting with peers from all over the world who share the same courseware. With Bookneto, college students who are often limited to their Professor’s understanding of the material covered in their classes can now expand the breadth of their knowledge and perspective by interacting with their peers from different schools, all over the world. Our vision is to contribute significantly to the global effort to fix education by letting students help each other drive their own learning.

Yet, the mission is still a bit opaque. But good enough, they asked the same question on their blog.

Hi Everyone,

It has been such a long time since we last wrote anything here. As you can probably tell, we have been a hell of a lot of busy these days building the world’s best study tool for you.

Now, this post is to more specifically introduce you to Bookneto and show you a little bit about what we do and why it is important for the future of Education.

The truth is, when we started Bookneto, we did not know what it would do. All we knew was that we wanted it to solve some or all of the big issues students currently have with learning online especially as far as digitally accessible academic material is concerned. So we started building and brainstorming, asking questions and trying to determine, what are the most pressing problems for students and educators alike that we can solve with 3 months of development work and some of the smartest and best talent the University of Waterloo has to offer?

What resulted (and is still a work in progress) was Bookneto, the world’s best study tool.

What does Bookneto do?

People say this is a Nigerian startup. Can someone provide evidence. The About page has nothing Nigerian and there is no physical address.

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