Mobile Payment – The Opportunity is Huge in Nigeria. What You Need To Know

It is getting very exciting – mobile payment will be huge in Nigeria. We got this piece from Nairaland.


Mobile Payment is a phone-only financial service without formal banking accounts. All banking activities starting from money savings, payments for goods and services, access to cash, etc can be carried out on mobile devices, 24/7. Subscribers of the service can perform wide range of financial transactions using thier mobile phones. Transactions such as:Save Money / Load money on your mobile money account; Move money from bank account to your Mobile money account; Send Money / Transfer to any person; Send Money from Mobile phone account to bank A/C; Withdraw from agents/Cash-out; Withdraw from ATMs/Cash-Out; Request Money: “Send-Me-Money”; Check Balance and statement summary; Change PIN; Buy Airtime (phone recharge) for self or others; Pay utility  bills e.g. Electricity, DSTV, rent etc; Pay for goods in stores.;Pay salaries, etc.



CBN and NCC are working out the guideline to introduce this innovative service to Nigerians. Operators are waiting for thier licence to commence operation. It is expected that this will revolutionalise the way we carry out financial transactions in this country. It’s already proving a huge success in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, SouthAfrica, Ghana. The main purpose of this service is to provide access to financial services to the un-banked (financial inclusion). Once you have a mobile phone, you can carry out financial service without neccessary having a bank account. This means that the less priviledged can as well operate bank account with their phone!!!



Their will be business oppurtunities for entreprenuers, job seekers business men and women. Mobile payment operators will need agents who will earn commission for partnering with them in providing this service to the Nigerian population. The agent roles will include the following: To Educate customers about  mobile payment ; Enroll customers to use the service; Be an cash point for withdrawal or deposits for customers, and sell scratch cards loaded with e-money.

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