Bring Orthogonal Thinking, New Basis of Competition And Lead Your Market

Bring Orthogonal Thinking, New Basis of Competition And Lead Your Market

Always remember: focus on the incentives and not the form to deliver them. Yes, banks could be competing among themselves as they work to offer financial services to customers. But you could avoid being a bank, and still offer some of those services. If you do that, you may not experience those competitive forces. Think orthogonal to the current forms in markets, and deliver a new basis of competition. Build and Thrive!

Once you build with that mind, the possibility of becoming a category-king emerges. Here are the features:

  • Perceptively innovative: you are always innovating. You never rest, always pushing for better products, services and experiences. You outperform competitors with new solutions for unmet needs.
  • Evidently inspired: you inspire your users. You are modern, trustworthy and inspirational, you have a larger purpose, helping people live out their own values and beliefs.
  • Ruthlessly pragmatic: your customers depend on you and you have their backs, making life easier by delivering consistent experiences. You make good on your promises.
  • Customer obsessed: customers cannot imagine living without you. You know what matters to customers, finding new ways to meet their most important. needs.



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