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Build On Your “Little” and Large Wins for A Major 2024 Crossover

Build On Your “Little” and Large Wins for A Major 2024 Crossover

If your company “promotes” you, or you accept a new offer where you are 100% ready on Day 1, it is not an elevation, but a job title evolution. Career ascension requires taking responsibilities which even though you may not be 100% ready on Day 1, you know that you have inherent capabilities to quickly rise to the occasion.

The year 2024 is just around the corner, and I am asking you to plan to accelerate your leadership ascent. Simply, aim higher and keep looking up because no one was born a CEO, a Director, or a president. All, and everyone, were once not one. Yes, it’s time for the next lift because you’re more than ready. And will cross as many (visible and invisible) are holding that  crossover “bridge” to help.

Yes, you must understand that you have some wins and you must leverage on those for the next level. Good People, in the Igbo Nation, it takes the killing of one leopard to be called a killer of LEOPARDS. That means, we must use even the “little” wins to ascend into the next level.

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What has 2023 provided to you? Can you build on those little wins? Plan for the #crossover because 2024 is going to be amazing.

Time for Next Career Elevation; Many Are Holding The Crossover “Bridge”


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