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Bulk SMS Is Driving Advertising and Service– These Firms Are Providing Different Services Via SMS

When our parent company acquired a small startup company, SMS Places, in Feb 2011, we had a goal set to helping traders and businessmen connect with the web even while inside the market and away from computer. Our idea was a B2B (business 2 Business) without an immediate engagement will not work in Nigeria since many of the traders are not connected. But SMS could help them if you provide that at good rates. So Fasmicro acquired SMS Places and presently integrating it into our product portfolios designed for traders in Nigeria. It will help them pick web opportunities even when not in the web.


Across Nigeria, many SMS firms are coming. It is getting exciting because more people are using SMS than really talking. So tapping SMS has become a great way of doing business. Two companies that have joined this wagon is the SMS Kiosk and Naija Nimi.


In different variants, these companies provide services that include personal SMS, corporate messaging, bulk messaging and bulk voice messaging for advertising campaigns, 2-way SMS interface (send and receive) which allows your members reply directly to messages, as well as member alerts.

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As you look for the best way to drive your campaign, SMS could be that strategy. It is something you must not ignore. It is a tool that must be used because it has become very pervasive and more people are indeed texting more often than talking. Your customer service may need be “Thanks for shopping with us” than just ignoring them after the customer has spent thousands of naira in your shop. And you know what, the customer getting that Thanks you SMS means your number is there and she/he can call back later. It is a simple implementation and the Thank You will go after 6 hours of serving the customer.

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