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Gyst – The Nigerian Search Engine. Local Alternative for Google?

Gyst is the Nigerian search website, devoted to local contents. It is more of search, directory, yellow pages and more. We tried it today and somehow, it got really decent results. It all depends on what you search though.


As the world becomes more localized, is there an opportunity in this? Google is technically in every part of the world now. You cannot run away from them. They will develop the local contents and will do that very well. So Gyst, you have a challenge ahead of you.


Integration of Pictures and Location Map make it easier to see and know where you are going. There are presently thousands of businesses on the listing site and new users can also register their business or review existing ones.

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The good thing is that the interface is very interactive and without much clicks, you can login via your Facebook account to see the unlimited capacity of Gyst.



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