Business Is Tough In Nigeria – 65 Telecom Firms Collapsed In Few Years

Vanguard reports that 65 companies telecoms companies have collapsed in Nigeria in the last few years. This was according to the President of the Association of Telecom Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), Titi Omo-Ettu. The President noted the very difficult business environment in the nation which affects productivity and profitability.


He also condemned the manner at which Nigerian government and some international bodies use the increasing subscribers’ base in the country, currently in excess of 90 million mobile subscribers as a measure to judge the growth of the sector.


The ATCON president then called for serious concerted efforts between government and players in the industry that will help in mitigating possible future challenges, stressing that if this is not done, it may hinder further possible investments to the sector.


We commend Titi for speaking out. He has been a vanguard to the industry in all the statements that were credited to the organization. Business is tough in the nation and with generator, there is no way to become profitable when competition is everywhere.


Government must have a stakeholders meeting for the industry and evaluate all the possible  roadmaps to help the nation and SMEs flourish in this young ICT  industry. The local players are not competing well not because of talents and skills, but lack of support from the nation.



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