Tevci DroidPad Site Revamped – Any Other Nigerian Tab Joining Ovim Plus?

Tevci is releasing a new tablet into Nigeria; presently on pre-order. It is called DroidPad.  We just noticed that their website has got an extreme makeover. Does it mean that the DroidPad is joing Ovim Plus which just hit stores? Are the local players coming up big to bang?


With DroidPad, Nigeria now has 3 indigenous tablets – Ovim, Inye and DroidPad. Ovim is a product of Fasmicro (our parent company) and Microscale Embedded while Inye is owned by Encipher. Recently these companies are coming with their new versions with Ovim Plus, Ovim MiE and Inye 2.


Yet, Tevci, do you mean this?


The Most POWERFUL android tablect pc ever seen in Nigeria. You can’t compare this Android Tablet with any others Tablet PC in Nigeria. Tevci DroidPad is simply the Best


We think Ovim Plus is the Nigeria’s tablet. Ok, we will see. Get it out and let the jury decide which is better. Good luck on your business and nice site also.


So far, we are yet to know when Inye2 will hit stores. DroidPad is on pre-order.   Guys, get the action bubbling and let us give these foreign players a small challenge.


You can read more about Ovim and Inye here.

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