Mobile Is Now – And The Future. Why Mobile Business Is Attractive

We do say it – The future is mobile. Yet, many forget that now is mobile. In other words, Now Is Mobile. There is no better time to put money in mobile business than now. Microsoft knew about it and snapped Skype. We are confident that Skype will help Microsoft to reinvigorate in the mobile ecosystem.


Many businesses will move to mobile environment and getting there is the beginning of wisdom, not tomorrow, but now. So why do we think that mobile is such a huge thing?


Tekedia takes the numbers: mobility is the investment opportunity of this young century. The world has excess of 5 billion subscriptions today with about 4 billion mobile devices sold. This is happening in a breathtaking rate. Think about it – it took the PC industry many years to sell about the billionth PC. There are about one billion PCs in use today.

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If you benchmark everything on earth, you will appreciate why mobile is moving fast. Even the bank accounts in the world are not running that high in penetration. TV sets in use are not up to one billion. The same applies to credit cards. But we have billions of phones in use and daily, that number is increasing. There seems not to be anything that will disrupt it in the near future.


Yet, it is getting better and cheaper daily. There is nothing not to like about mobile.  Mobile business is not cyclical. People get to be talking or communicating all the time. And deals are happening thereby emphasizing the health of this sector.


Some notable deals are as follows:


  • Ericsson will buy Telcordia Technologies for $1.2b to add more network support
  • Honeywell Int’l o buy EMS Technologies for $49m to add wireless communication equipment for cargo tracking
  • Microsoft spending billions on skype


And there are many other deals. The key is Get Into Mobile. The time is now!

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