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Business Lessons from Agility in Warfare: Case of Russia-Ukraine War

Business Lessons from Agility in Warfare: Case of Russia-Ukraine War

Good People, I do not support wars, but that does not mean that we cannot pick some business lessons from warfare. Today, I am going to focus on agility in business, drawing lessons from the Ukraine-Russian conflict. In markets, you need to innovate so that you can create a differentiation, and win customers, through superior product offerings. Most times, we begin innovatively great, but over time, we miss the critical component of continuous innovation in the market.

When war broke out in Ukraine in February 2022, many equipment and tools were deployed. But as the paralysis continues, I have noticed one thing: Russia is now using some tools it did not have as at that Feb 2022. Yes, over time, it is learning on the fly, and updating its battle systems. From new species of lancet drones to new formulations of its “gunpowder”, many things have evolved. The new formulations make it  possible to take off advanced tanks like German Leopard, US Bradley, etc which are new variables from last year in the frontlines.

Last week, they introduced a “drone cage” which can house 24 soldiers. In other words, even if you see soldiers with your drone, the glass cage will protect them if you attack them. Of course, if your missile is within range, the cage cannot protect from such.

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On the Ukraine side, they are also innovating, providing feedback to NATO, to update tools supplied for battle. From the reconfiguration of the US made Patriots to looking for better ways to overcome electronic warfare (EW), Ukraine continues to find how to navigate and overcome obstacles. Unlike a few months ago, its drones can travel farther now; simply, it is becoming better at evading EW.

Here is the business lesson: agility wins empires – territorial land or market share. With AGILITY, you adjust on the fly to the prevailing battle conditions, and compensate as necessary, and acquire new competitive positions. Over time, the “winner” will likely be the entity that can outsmart the other on this continuous tech-anchored battle rivalry.

Yes, what you did in Feb 2022 is irrelevant; the issue right now is how you are dealing with the market challenges which did not exist last year. #peace in market; #unity in the world.


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1 THOUGHT ON Business Lessons from Agility in Warfare: Case of Russia-Ukraine War

  1. Many inventions emerge during wars, because nothing goes according to plan in a war. It never follows the predicted arc, that is why it should not start in the place, because once it breaks out – everything seems like a fair game afterward.

    Ukraine wasn’t given midrange weapons at the beginning, but that has become a common feature, with long range ones becoming part of it, even cluster bomb is now considered a fair game.

    After the war, hundreds of business management textbooks will be updated, plus lots of new ones written, drawing lessons from the war.

    Peace is just a fancy word, because it’s the same people who parrot peace that instigate wars. Once it appears that you are losing advantage or becoming irrelevant, war becomes very attractive, it is used to reset and realign relationships and power centres.

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