Business Plan – Writing Actionable Business Plan II

Business Plan – Writing Actionable Business Plan II

”You must be like a sniper rifling in on your highest priority at the moment rather than a machine gun shooting off randomly by attempting to do too many things at the same time.” Words by legendary Brian Tracy

This is the concluding part of the first series that was published in this Media last week. A lot of people had called, emailed and even chatted and requested the concluding parts. Thankfully, here we are. For those who were not privileged to read the first series, please check this link. 

Business plan is not something you rush to write, it requires painstaking and meticulous effort; and in doing this, the following tools are sine-qua-non (necessary) in writing an actionable and executable business plan:

  • * Live Plan
  • * Business Plan Builder
  • * com
  • * Business Plan Pro
  • * Start Pad
  • * Equity Net
  • * Enloop
  • * One Place
  • * The Business Plan Shop

There are key takeaways that you can get from these tools when writing an effective and efficient Business Plan. You can look out for them in any of the web search engines. Some of them are listed as: 

  • Being able to carry out comparisons on peer groups and industries
  • Being able to carry out customisable fiscal year (Not everyone can do this. It requires one who is exposed to the accounting profession. Worry not. You can contract this section out)
  • Ability to export the financial charts in Excel format
  • Highlighting the unusual and out of bounds data (I talked about assumptions in the first series)
  • Imports or the use of some accounting softwares like QuickBooks, Sage amongst others
  • It also reviews the legal section of the business and how the owners intend to relate with all stakeholders
  • The manufacturing section is also a key or critical point. Maybe, the business you intend to start is for manufacturing purpose
  • Milestones and other expectable objectives and their time frame need to be included.

Now that you have been armed with the essential nuggets, you must follow the tips provided in the two series of this topic so that you can get the desired result that you seek.

Remember as always that your Business Plan must pay attention to the critical business concepts like strategies, marketing conditions, products, services, competitors, financial needs, employees and their competencies etc.

Recall, you are at liberty to consult other resources and even contract the preparation of an actionable winnable Business Plan. Business Plan is not an end in itself but a journey that would always serve as your business compass as long as the business is in existence.

In conclusion, you can always resolve to ask questions or write to us for further consultations.

I leave you with the words of Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister: “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” 


How To Write Actionable Business Plan

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