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Call Him Mr. Cement: Michel Puchercos’ Magic Has Started in Dangote Cement

Call Him Mr. Cement: Michel Puchercos’ Magic Has Started in Dangote Cement

Dangote hired Michel Puchercos from Larfarge to keep in-house a man who seems to be the best talent in the cement industry in Nigeria. Michel had performed wonders in Lafarge, transforming the company in many ways, and positioning it to battle Dangote Cement.

“The Board of Lafarge Africa Plc hereby notifies The Nigerian Stock Exchange and the investing public of the resignation of Mr. Micheal Puchercos from the Company as the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer with effect from the 17th of January 2020.

“Mr. Puchercos served the company as an Executive Director on the Board since the 1st of April 2016. During his tenure as the GMD/CEO, he implemented a successful turnaround plan for the business addressing the legal, financial and management structure of the company, Health & Safety improvements and the implementation of new operating processes.

“We wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

Market data reported to the Nigerian Stock Exchange seems to show that he is going to continue the streak, albeit in a new company: Dangote Cement grew 40% during one of the most challenging periods in the construction  sector when lockdowns froze the sector.

“I am delighted to report that Dangote Cement experienced its strongest quarter in terms of EBITDA and strongest third quarter in term of volumes. Despite a challenging environment, Group volumes for the nine months were up 6.6% and Group EBITDA was up 17.1%, at a 46.6% margin.”

“This quarter has really shown the ability of Dangote Cement to meet the strong recovery of the cement market in Nigeria and Pan-Africa after a challenging Q2. In Nigeria, we have witnessed a strong appetite for real estate investment and the recovery of infrastructure spending – including more concrete roads.

“Sales volumes in Nigeria were up 40% in the quarter and Pan-Africa reached a record high EBITDA margin of 24% in the quarter. In the quarter, our Group net profit was up 135.1%,” he said.

Find ways to build the best team: nothing else matters than having the right person to manage all your factors of production. This man is a real Mr. Cement and he is rocking it in Nigeria. Yes, in the Forum a few months ago, I noted how he grew profits 1,284% in Lafarge while reducing CEO compensation by 10%!

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6 THOUGHTS ON Call Him Mr. Cement: Michel Puchercos’ Magic Has Started in Dangote Cement

  1. No wonder cement became very costly ,because Mr puchercos does not care how the average Nigerian feels about the increasing prize of cement ,simply because he is not a Nigerian and no fair skinned man has any regard or care for a black or brown skinned .the prize of cement must be returned to #2500 naria .period.

  2. According to your title Mr puchercos or Mr magic as you put it ,has started his magician dangote cement .well point of correction there is no magic in increasing prizes on masses that are already going through hardship and difficult times. and you call that magic ,it simply unreasonably wicked .

  3. Adigo, you really right about what you are talking about, No big man want anything good for low rated men in Nigeria . Never a time in the country we ‘ve heard of a reduction of price on any comodities in the country but everytime. high rocketing inflations , The Aso rock should sit tight and think about this instead of borrowing to increase their monthly allowances .

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