Chinese Dawning’s Nebulae is the #2 Fastest Supercomputer In The World – US Cray Still Holds The Record

As of today, we reconfirm that the Chinese are on the roll call and hall of fame of the fastest supercomputers on earth. The United States through the legendary Jaguar Cray remains on top. The EU comes in 5th through the German IBM Jugene.


Of course, while the Chinese can claim that Nebulae is their machine at the system level, most of the parts are American’s.  Even the EU’s Jugene is an IBM beast, which is also an America engineering.


In essence, the U.S tops the five top supercomputers on earth, at the fundamental level of engineering.

The list of five top supercomputers is below:

#1 Cray, Jaguar, 1.759 petaflops, USA

#2 Dawning, Nebulae, 1.271 petaflops, China

#3 IBM, Roadrunner, 1.042 petaflops, USA

#4 Cray, Kraken XT5, 0.832 petaflops, USA

# IBM, Jugene, 0.826 petaflops, Germany

Source: Bloomberg Businesweek


China hopes to focus on using mainly Chinese made chips for its defense project that depend on supercomputers. In the next ten years, China will surely make the fastest computer on earth.

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