Citizens, Residents Offer Kwara Sustainable Covid-19 Containment Strategies

Citizens, Residents Offer Kwara Sustainable Covid-19 Containment Strategies

At the first stage of Covid-19 transmission in Nigeria, Kwara State is one of the states perceived by the public as being secrecy in revealing the status of the disease outbreak. For a number of days, the state government led by Alhaji Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman failed to come to the term that the disease has spread to the state.

Meanwhile, findings have revealed that the citizens and residents of the state want the state government to increase its efforts on palliatives and financial support to the vulnerable people. This was part of a research carried out by a team at Know Covid-19 Nigeria.  The research titled “How We See It and What We Want: Kwara Citizens and Residents to the Government” indicates that the state government needs to pay strategic attention to some local government areas regarding compliance with recommended medical measures to contain the spread of the disease in the state.

The Right Palliatives

Over 50% of 268 respondents believe food items and money (45.90%) distribution are key to survival during lockdown rather the distribution of hand sanitiser (2.60%) and face mask (0.70%). From 258 respondents, analysis shows that residents and citizens in Ilorin West, Ilorin South and Ilorin East are more attuned to distribution of food items and money as part of palliatives to ensure people’s survival during lockdown. From 129 respondents who indicated food items distribution, over 36% and 31% reside in Ilorin West and Ilorin South. Over 32%, 21% and 14% of 121 respondents who expressed money distribution leave in Ilorin West, Ilorin South and East local councils. Expectation regarding distribution of hand sanitiser is also high among residents and citizens in Ilorin West, Ilorin South and Offa.

Lockdown Efficacy

Citizens and residents in Ilorin West (36.40%), Ilorin South (25.30%) and Ilorin East (12.00%) believed that lockdown measure is effective. A significant number of respondents in Ilorin South (34.10%) believed that lockdown is not effective in the council. From 258 citizens and respondents, who indicated adequate understanding of increase in confirmed cases in the state, we can conclude that total lockdown of the state can stop the spread of the disease. Based our prediction and scenario analyses, money distribution to the vulnerable residents and citizens in terms of poor socioeconomic status followed by food items are essential for total lockdown effectiveness in Kwara state.

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