Congrats Mr. President – Here is the Strategy Sheet on North Korea

Congrats Mr. President – Here is the Strategy Sheet on North Korea

Mr. President,

Great trip in North Korea! We executed. This is our strategy sheet and what the government should do now the cameras have gone.

  • There is no military option in North Korea because South Korea is America’s 52nd state after Canada. Any attempt, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un will make South Korea ocean of blood before even defending his people.
  • Because of the Iraqi hangover where Saddam Hussein gave out his weapons only for us to topple him, Kim Jong-un will never disarm.
  • This is our proposition: normalize relations with North Korea and formalize it as a nuclear power, and quickly unbundle the U.S. sanctions.
  • Nothing will happen: We are living with Pakistan and North Korea understands that it has responsibilities as a nuclear power.
  • When do we book a national broadcast to tell the American people that threat from North Korea is finally over?

Thank you Mr. President. This looks great for 2020.


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