Coronavirus – Our Victory Is Certain

Coronavirus – Our Victory Is Certain
  • Father, we’re here
  • We’ve lived the grace – the amazing and abiding grace.
  • As you send your angels on assignments today
  • Lord, we are here.
  • As you send them to bless men and women
  • Father, our hands are raised up.
  • In the deepest of the night, and the brightest of the day
  • Our hope remains on Thee.
  • Oh Lord, our God, thou has taken us out of the miry clay
  • Into  thy greener pasture.
  • Coronavirus will find no strength in us.
  • As we listen to doctors and follow health experts
  • In thy bosom, we will dwell.
  • Thy dew is mild, oh Lord
  • Thy oil soothes the nations
  • Thou ruleth the ecclesiastical bond with thy wisdom.
  • David made joyful noise with cymbals and flutes
  • Our lives will be thy praise and joy.
  • Protect us. Preserve us. Keep us.
  • From coronavirus.


Ndubuisi Ekekwe




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