Covid-19 Strategic Response Framework

Covid-19 Strategic Response Framework
  • As an energy analyst and strategy enthusiast, I believe in numbers because they don’t lie. And most often, I use the Sankey diagram to illustrate energy flows in my analysis to identify where most energy-saving effort is needed. The same strategy can be used to combat Coronavirus across the world.
  • In this document, I have used the Sankey diagram to illustrate various strategic response frameworks to combating the Coronavirus. The diagrams show 3 levels of response frameworks. Level 1 requires the least funding and increases as the strategic response level increases to 3. 
  • The key to success at any level is heavily dependent on the availability of data to track progress from baselines 
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has told us that It would take time before any vaccine for the virus would be ready. Currently, the most effective response framework is level 3. And the longer we stay at levels 1 and 2, the more the global impact on economies 
  • Remember, no one is safe until everyone is safe
  • This strategic response framework can be adopted by all the countries of the world to conducting their analysis and tracking progress in the fight against Coronavirus.

Download here (PDF).


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