Thank You Botswana

Thank You Botswana

Thank you Botswana. We signed the first alumni association of a university into our Tekedia mini-MBA under the Advanced Management Program. Through this program, the alumni members will co-share and co-learn through a dedicated digital board under our facilitation. From Monday, we will begin a process of creating focused and customized contents on five core areas the alumni leadership has identified: logistics, fintech, education, healthcare and agriculture. This program will run for four months just like the generic mini-MBA

Other Programs – GMP and AMP

Besides Tekedia mini-MBA, we have GMP and AMP. I will repeat Tekedia mini-MBA to help in explaining these programs structured for organizations.

  1. Tekedia mini-MBA: Sector- and firm-agnostic open program comprising videos, flash cases, contents, pulses, challenge assignments, labs, written materials, webinars, etc delivered online. Options for grading labs available.
  2. Tekedia General Management Program (Tekedia GMP): The same as Tekedia mini-MBA but customized for a specific organization with flash cases, contents, pulses, challenge assignments, labs, etc developed around the firm and its sector. Challenge assignments and labs not graded.
  3. Tekedia Advanced Management Program (Tekedia AMP). GMP with Challenge assignments and Labs graded.

The Tekedia Mini-MBA has been amazingly successful with hundreds enrolled. On the strength of the impacts, many companies and groups have made requests for specific customized programs, to enable them share and learn at deeper levels, on private boards, with cases, contents, pulses, etc focused around their businesses and sectors. Your team will discuss and stimulate new ideas on this private dedicated board for your company, under the guidance of our faculty. We offer the following to dedicated learning communities: Tekedia General Management Program (Tekedia GMP) and Tekedia Advanced Management Program (Tekedia AMP) across the following sectors.

  • Financial Services (Fintech, Banking, Insurance, etc)
  • Supply Chain (Logistics, Transportation, Supply Chain, Shipping, etc)
  • Manufacturing  (all areas like beauty care, FMCG, agro-processing, construction, agriculture, etc )
  • Energy (oil, gas, renewable, utilities, etc)
  • Services (consulting, ecommerce, tourism, retail, healthcare, education, media &entertainment, etc)
  • Telecom (telcos, ISPs, network operators, etc)
  • Public Sector (government, agencies, ministries and departments of governments)
  • Start-ups (sector agnostic, focusing on the mechanics of building category-king start-ups)


  1. GMP: Challenge and Lab assignments will NOT be graded by our team. Contact for cost.
  2. AMP: Challenge and Lab assignments will be graded by our team. Contact for cost.
  3. Both programs are on-demand which means there is no scheduled start time; we are ready once a client is ready to start.

There is no maximum number of people that can be enrolled from a firm.

The structure follows the generic Tekedia Mini-MBA except that sessions, cases, pulses, etc are all focused around the specific company and its sector. It will be online, and fully on a secure dedicated digital board only your staff will have access for the innovation process. It will last 4 months with contents archived and recorded. There would be scheduled webinars but no physical contacts.

Contact: [email protected]


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