Creating an Enabling Ecosystem for Developers and Industry Leaders – Ugandan Geeks Have Answers

Thanks to Nokia for making this possible. It was in Protea Hotel, on Monday 9th. We wanted to find out one thing:   How Do We Create an Enabling Ecosystem for Developers and Industry Leaders?

It began with Makerere University CIT students who presented some great products they have made. They have built  mobile Java applications programming for the Ovi store.

In our different styles and ways, it was very clear that Ugandans are creative. Daily, we are noticing that our individuality and collectivity can be useful is making Kampala the best place to make great apps. We all have the tools and we want to  rule the world.

The variety of ways we link to others through mobile phone applications is increasing almost at an exponential rate! Who can supply us with companionship, differing viewpoints, validation, camaraderie, information, news about events, direction, how to move in to where we want to go, physically, spiritually, how to stay out of trouble, how to take good decisions, how find what we are looking for, guidance on how to spend our money more wisely, how to pay for things more conveniently. The ringtone just downloaded has the refrain: Did you ever try to change your life? Hey, where do I go to find an answer to a question like that? Is the icon for such a service already available on my Nokia E7, Huawei Ideos, iPhone or iPad? If the answer is no then, hey, why not create a new mobile app for me and you; you never know; might beat the hell out of Angry Birds?

People, it is Kampala and we have answers. The best way to create enabling environment for developers and industry leaders is to make awesome apps. When you make good apps, the developer is happy and the funders are enabled, also happily. That is the ecosystem – great apps. Forget about the government problems, just focus on the apps. If they do not buy in Uganda, the Americans will buy.

What do you see? The iPad or the app that is not in it. We see that app that is not there. We invite you all to Kampala and waiting for your investment.


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